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SkrillSkrill, the popular online gaming payment processor has decided to cease transactions for Canadian gamblers. This will be effective in January 2014 after Skill having reviewed its operations but did not disclose specific reasons regarding the cut-off.

The company was acquired recently this year by CVC Capital Partners and earlier this year, Canadian members were notified that that their transactions will no longer be processed via email, reasons for this decision were not given.

In November 2014, Skrill was approved to process transactions for companies serving the New Jersey online gaming and this could be the reason why Skrill has opted to pullout of the Grey Canadian Market and focus on the growing US Market.

Another possibility is the change of management at which the new owners CVC Capital Partners do not opt to take risk than the previous Skrill’s management.

There has been a lot of confusion and the reasons behind this decision is a mystery since there has been no changes in the Canadian’s gambling legislation and the only major reason may be the condition of licensing.

On the other hand, Titan Poker has also withdrawn from the Canadian market as from December and Titan’s Officials announced that Canadian players can keep playing, depositing, withdrawing and winning at the tables.

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Dan BilzerianPoker players come from different walks of life and most of them like to keep a low profile. Even professional poker players who have made a name for themselves on the circuit, tend to bask in the limelight only during tournament wins when they receive media attention, after which they go back to being relatively quiet.

Yet, not everyone is the same and Dan Bilzerian has shown that he is far from being a quiet, low profile poker player. Bilzerian who comes from Los Angeles is a multi-millionaire and he has made most of his money playing online poker.

Bilzerian is extremely famous on Instagram because he constantly updates his profile by posting some of the most outrageous, lavish and interesting pictures of himself and the lifestyle he is able to afford as a result of playing poker.

If you look at Bilzerian Instagram profile you will find that he has more than one hundred thousand followers and a number of pictures showcasing him with scantily clad women, drinking, partying and even his collection of semi-automatic and automatic weapons. Bilzerian is not shy of his lifestyle or wary of showcasing his vast fortune. He is known for posting pictures of large sums of money which he has won by playing poker.

On his Instagram page, Bilzerian describes himself as a 32 year old who is an actor, astronaut and an asshole. While pictures of Bilzerian show that he is fit and in a good shape, this multi-millionaire poker player has had issues with his health. His lifestyle of partying, travelling, drinking, late nights playing poker and other escapades have taken a considerable toll on his health.

Bilzerian has already suffered two heart attacks when he was 25 years old and back in 2011 after pushing himself to play non-stop poker between Maui and Las Vegas during a three day period, he was once again rushed to the hospital. However, this time it was not a heart attack but was diagnosed as a pulmonary embolism.

One of his biggest achievements was winning the 2009 World Series of Poker. Apart from playing poker, he is also one of the co-founders of the online poker room, Victory Poker. Describing how he started his poker career, Bilzerian said

I went broke after sophomore year, gambled away all my money, sold some guns, turned $750 into $10,000, flew to Vegas, turned 10 thousand into $187,000, went back to school, played better

One of the reasons why he is so popular on Instagram is because of his lifestyle and his willingness to make everything public. However, Bilzerian says that he wants to clean up his lifestyle and shed his reputation of being a playboy.

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Equity Poker NetworkThe Equity Poker Network is a non- profit organization and is the world’s only Cooperative poker network that signifies the future of poker networks. It is fully committed to the distribution of profits that have fixed low fees.

The Equity Poker Network (EPN) is launching their real money gaming options on the set date of the November the 8th. The change from free- play to full real- money gaming is issuing players with secure, safe and a smashing poker experience with a whooping massive payout. It is also granting operators a very rewarding choice and also a viable alternative.

Excitement is way over the top in this sector because has become the world’s number one online poker network that is non- profit. For everyone the EPN offers field playing that is ranged from the business model that it has. The Operators form a Cooperative and in here the allocating of network profits and voting power is centered on the amount that it brings to the network.

EPN has managed to lure a number of very good operators that want to be part and parcel of the Cooperative, and this includes However, from the non- traditional business model, EPN has received fabulous feedback. More substantial weight has been added from the new Operators that have landed on board. Basically the road to achievement is on the glimpse and the future is fair for the Operators. According the EPN founder and CEO Clive Archer, there are balanced rooms for poker that are put in place to guarantee trust from the recreational and occasional players.

When the launch takes place on Friday the 8th of November at EPN, players from all over the World will enjoy playing games at their own time whether day or night. It does not require some skill level or what nationality you are; it is designed for everyone in the world. On the 3RD of November at 15:00 ET the Network’s Sunday Freeroll was increased to $4000 and Sunday the 10th’s event $5000 is up for grabs for players interested.

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Indianapolis AirportIndianapolis airport is very much vested in wireless gambling technology that will definitely bring in cash to sustain the non-stop flights that are increasing. This was said by Phil Sicuso and Joe Champion. The two, work at Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, who revealed the idea in their newsletter called the Indianapolis Business Journal. However, Sicuso shares about a designing of rooms where travellers from all over will be able to play their favourite casino games with handheld devices connected to the net. He also has the view that it would not be a rival to online casinos as this is created for only passengers with tickets only and no one else. In other words they are using this as a customer service for the travellers.

However, the President of the Indianapolis Airport Authority – Mike Wells, agrees that the idea is a smart one but has his doubts that it will actually be successful. However, law makers are hesitant in expanding online gambling even though there is a growth of new casinos that are moving into Indiana’s casino revenue. Last year, the general assembly refused riverboat casino’s proposal to shift to land-based casinos and permit the live table games at two horse racing tracks.

According to the two masters behind the idea, they have a view that to increase the non-stop flights to Indianapolis International Airport millions are required. And Wells also has the view that even if this kicks off, the money will still have to increase to support the non-stop service. At this point it is very fuzzy if the idea airport gambling will triumph.

St Paul International Airport became the first airport out of Nevada to put out on the table gambling. Minnesota put out an offer of pull –tabs in hope to generate $3m for a Vikings Football Stadium. But they soon found out that travellers spent only $34,000 in the first 6 months of the year.

The installing of slot machines has been in question for several years by Chicago officials. The Chicago tribune suggests that airport gambling is not as great as some people may put it out to be. The question is, whether travellers would spend much of their money at the airport than at the traditional casino site.

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Zynga logoOne of the most popular poker Apps has been made even better in recent days, Zyngas state of the art poker App, used widely by iOS platform users, now boasts a chip stack protection facility, which kicks in should a player suffer from any form of connection issue.

The updated iOS 8.2 version of this App is proving to be a very player friendly platform with a massive 6 million plus users getting their daily poker playing fix via this unique poker platform.

When playing on Zyngas poker App you can opt to play in either a 5 or 9 player room, where you can take on fellow players from around the world, and hopefully show them who is boss!

The App is quick to download and thanks to Zyngas expertise in this market place they are always giving it slight tweaks to ensure players get a very smooth playing game, which is easy to navigate and control.

The App can be downloaded quickly and easily and thanks to Zyngas know-how you can be up and running in a matter of minutes, and thanks to this new chip protection facility, should your connect drop when you are out and about, your chip stack is always going to be protected, and waiting for you when you manage to log back in.

They have also added even more language options, and as such they are getting even more players using this poker playing App. So if you are sat there with the very latest all singing and all dancing mobile phone, smart phone or any form of mobile device, and you fancy showing off your poker player skills, then how about trying Zyngas must play poker App today!

Whilst playing poker on any mobile device is relatively new, once you have given it some play time via the demo modes free play options, then you will soon decide to play poker via an App in a real money mode.

There are a growing number of mobile poker sites now becoming available, and with many of the trusted online poker sites opening up mobile poker rooms and venues then you will be safe in the knowledge that you are playing at trusted sites and with trusted brand named companies.

You will however, need to have a Smart Phone or Tablet type device as these have easy to navigate controls which are paramount to you being able to play with relative ease, safe in the knowledge your betting decision has been placed, without you having to click on a tiny key pad!

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Pokerstars MicroMillions TournamentOne of the most popular online poker tournaments is now live, and that is Poker Stars Micro Millions Tournament, now in its third season this has proved to be one of the biggest and most popular poker tournaments of its type, and with a huge prize pool on offer the prizes really are there for the taking.

The prize pool on offer on the Poker Stars Micro Million poker tournament is a cool $5 Million, and the guaranteed prize money to the winner of the main event is a guaranteed $150,000, which makes it a must play poker tournament for any serious poker player.

The number of entrants in this tournament continues to grow and grow, and the best part about is that there is a total of 100 events which make up this tournament, with the cost of a buy in varying greatly, stating at a tiny 0.11c and rising upto a maximum buy in of a modest $22.00.

The main differences with this Poker Stars Micro Million tournament is that there are ten tournaments held each day, unlike other tournaments which usually have just a couple this means more action is guaranteed, as the tournaments will be starting every few hours.

Poker Stars in one of our featured and top rated online poker sites, having been established for a large number of years they attract players from all over the world. They offer a welcome bonus for all new players, and their ongoing loyalty and promotional offers will give all poker players, no matter at what stake levels they like to play, the maximum value.

Being one of the industries busiest poker sites you are guaranteed plenty of open cash tables, and thanks to their huge number of ongoing tournaments then you are always able to try for the big cash pools which they all offer.

The software which Poker Star utilizes is one of the most user friendly platforms developed, and thanks to continue research and development it continues to get better and better. If you are looking for a new home for your online poker play, then you really should consider giving Poker Stars a try one day soon, we guarantee you will like what you will find once you give them a try!

You will find a diverse range of deposit and withdrawal options, and having been around for such a long time, they know that when you make a withdrawal you will want paying quickly, and this is something they are famed for doing, no matter how large or small your cash in is!

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Nevada Poker LicenceIt is an open secret that Nevada will be shortly legalizing online poker, and as such there have been a huge number of gambling companies lining up all wishing to become holders of a Nevada Poker Licence.

These companies are all hoping that when this market place opens up they will be in the driving seat to provide players with what they have been demanding for years now, fully licensed and regulated online poker sites.

One of the largest gambling companies in the US, that being MGM Resorts International, has added their name to the list of companies eager to become online poker license holders, and it is hoped that when their online poker offering goes live, that is when Nevada legalize the industry they can become one of the main players.

Another major US company, more commonly associated with land based gaming machines, have also thrown their hat into the ring, and this is WMS Gaming Inc, who are also looking to get a foot hold into what is sure to be a real money spinner for all involved.

Having built up a solid reputation over many years in the land based gambling world, they have the technology and know how to make playing poker online a reality for many worldwide poker players. They know the game inside out and one thing is certain their poker platform will be one of the best available.

The only question poker players have, is just how long it will be before they can sit down and play poker, legally online. Well it shouldn’t be too long now, and with the tax income implications and licensing fees, everyone is of course eager to make this a reality.

The benefits for online poker players are obvious, they will no longer be at the mercy of poker sites who offer poor quality poker software and gambling platforms, and will have a solid recourse should anything go wrong.

There have been many online poker scandals over the years and it has often been the poker players that have been left high and dry when poker sites have folded, and vanished into the night. Those days will gladly soon be a distant memory.

So keep your eyes peeled, as it will not be long now before you can sit down and play poker at some of the best poker sites online, which are owned and operated by some of the biggest names in the land based gambling industry.

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Everest Poker joins iPokerOne of the largest and most trusted of poker sites, Everest Poker are pleased to announce that they have been accepted onto Playtechs hugely popular iPoker Network, and as such they will be able to give their already huge army of poker players even more options in regards to which poker rooms and tables they wish to play at.

Playtech’s iPoker Network has long been thought of as the network of choice for many online poker players, due in no small part, to the land based gambling companies who have been signed up to this network over the years.

So Everest will be joining the ranks of Bet365, Paddy Power and one of the industries leading gambling companies, William Hill, in providing a massive network of games, which offers players the biggest and most populated poker rooms.

By moving over to Playtechs iPoker Network this will also enable Everest’s players the ability to take part in some of the biggest paying poker tournaments, which have been growing in popularity. These poker tournaments offer direct buy ins, or players can win their way into the majority of them via daily satellite tournaments which the iPoker Networks offers.

When it comes to a trusted and time served piece of poker software Playtech really have been leading the way for many years now, players can open and play several poker tables all at the same time, and the poker games controls really are a breeze to use and navigate around.

The one major advantage of moving over to the iPoker Network is that players will have the maximum in choice regarding which tables they play at. No matter whether you are a low rolling or a high rolling type of poker player you are guaranteed to find plenty of open cash games up and running, no matter when you decide to log on to play.

The requirements for access to Playtech’s iPoker Network is that you must have at least 6000 active monthly players, whilst being able to attract at least 850 new players onto this network each and every month, and due to the sheer size and success of Everest Poker this was something they could easily agree to and be able to guarantee.