Equity Poker NetworkThe Equity Poker Network is a non- profit organization and is the world’s only Cooperative poker network that signifies the future of poker networks. It is fully committed to the distribution of profits that have fixed low fees.

The Equity Poker Network (EPN) is launching their real money gaming options on the set date of the November the 8th. The change from free- play to full real- money gaming is issuing players with secure, safe and a smashing poker experience with a whooping massive payout. It is also granting operators a very rewarding choice and also a viable alternative.

Excitement is way over the top in this sector because EPN.com has become the world’s number one online poker network that is non- profit. For everyone the EPN offers field playing that is ranged from the business model that it has. The Operators form a Cooperative and in here the allocating of network profits and voting power is centered on the amount that it brings to the network.

EPN has managed to lure a number of very good operators that want to be part and parcel of the Cooperative, and this includes IntegerPoker.com. However, from the non- traditional business model, EPN has received fabulous feedback. More substantial weight has been added from the new Operators that have landed on board. Basically the road to achievement is on the glimpse and the future is fair for the Operators. According the EPN founder and CEO Clive Archer, there are balanced rooms for poker that are put in place to guarantee trust from the recreational and occasional players.

When the launch takes place on Friday the 8th of November at EPN, players from all over the World will enjoy playing games at their own time whether day or night. It does not require some skill level or what nationality you are; it is designed for everyone in the world. On the 3RD of November at 15:00 ET the Network’s Sunday Freeroll was increased to $4000 and Sunday the 10th’s event $5000 is up for grabs for players interested.

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Posted on: 5th November 2013 by: bestpokersites.ca