Indianapolis AirportIndianapolis airport is very much vested in wireless gambling technology that will definitely bring in cash to sustain the non-stop flights that are increasing. This was said by Phil Sicuso and Joe Champion. The two, work at Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, who revealed the idea in their newsletter called the Indianapolis Business Journal. However, Sicuso shares about a designing of rooms where travellers from all over will be able to play their favourite casino games with handheld devices connected to the net. He also has the view that it would not be a rival to online casinos as this is created for only passengers with tickets only and no one else. In other words they are using this as a customer service for the travellers.

However, the President of the Indianapolis Airport Authority – Mike Wells, agrees that the idea is a smart one but has his doubts that it will actually be successful. However, law makers are hesitant in expanding online gambling even though there is a growth of new casinos that are moving into Indiana’s casino revenue. Last year, the general assembly refused riverboat casino’s proposal to shift to land-based casinos and permit the live table games at two horse racing tracks.

According to the two masters behind the idea, they have a view that to increase the non-stop flights to Indianapolis International Airport millions are required. And Wells also has the view that even if this kicks off, the money will still have to increase to support the non-stop service. At this point it is very fuzzy if the idea airport gambling will triumph.

St Paul International Airport became the first airport out of Nevada to put out on the table gambling. Minnesota put out an offer of pull –tabs in hope to generate $3m for a Vikings Football Stadium. But they soon found out that travellers spent only $34,000 in the first 6 months of the year.

The installing of slot machines has been in question for several years by Chicago officials. The Chicago tribune suggests that airport gambling is not as great as some people may put it out to be. The question is, whether travellers would spend much of their money at the airport than at the traditional casino site.

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