Nevada Poker LicenceIt is an open secret that Nevada will be shortly legalizing online poker, and as such there have been a huge number of gambling companies lining up all wishing to become holders of a Nevada Poker Licence.

These companies are all hoping that when this market place opens up they will be in the driving seat to provide players with what they have been demanding for years now, fully licensed and regulated online poker sites.

One of the largest gambling companies in the US, that being MGM Resorts International, has added their name to the list of companies eager to become online poker license holders, and it is hoped that when their online poker offering goes live, that is when Nevada legalize the industry they can become one of the main players.

Another major US company, more commonly associated with land based gaming machines, have also thrown their hat into the ring, and this is WMS Gaming Inc, who are also looking to get a foot hold into what is sure to be a real money spinner for all involved.

Having built up a solid reputation over many years in the land based gambling world, they have the technology and know how to make playing poker online a reality for many worldwide poker players. They know the game inside out and one thing is certain their poker platform will be one of the best available.

The only question poker players have, is just how long it will be before they can sit down and play poker, legally online. Well it shouldn’t be too long now, and with the tax income implications and licensing fees, everyone is of course eager to make this a reality.

The benefits for online poker players are obvious, they will no longer be at the mercy of poker sites who offer poor quality poker software and gambling platforms, and will have a solid recourse should anything go wrong.

There have been many online poker scandals over the years and it has often been the poker players that have been left high and dry when poker sites have folded, and vanished into the night. Those days will gladly soon be a distant memory.

So keep your eyes peeled, as it will not be long now before you can sit down and play poker at some of the best poker sites online, which are owned and operated by some of the biggest names in the land based gambling industry.

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