Zynga logoOne of the most popular poker Apps has been made even better in recent days, Zyngas state of the art poker App, used widely by iOS platform users, now boasts a chip stack protection facility, which kicks in should a player suffer from any form of connection issue.

The updated iOS 8.2 version of this App is proving to be a very player friendly platform with a massive 6 million plus users getting their daily poker playing fix via this unique poker platform.

When playing on Zyngas poker App you can opt to play in either a 5 or 9 player room, where you can take on fellow players from around the world, and hopefully show them who is boss!

The App is quick to download and thanks to Zyngas expertise in this market place they are always giving it slight tweaks to ensure players get a very smooth playing game, which is easy to navigate and control.

The App can be downloaded quickly and easily and thanks to Zyngas know-how you can be up and running in a matter of minutes, and thanks to this new chip protection facility, should your connect drop when you are out and about, your chip stack is always going to be protected, and waiting for you when you manage to log back in.

They have also added even more language options, and as such they are getting even more players using this poker playing App. So if you are sat there with the very latest all singing and all dancing mobile phone, smart phone or any form of mobile device, and you fancy showing off your poker player skills, then how about trying Zyngas must play poker App today!

Whilst playing poker on any mobile device is relatively new, once you have given it some play time via the demo modes free play options, then you will soon decide to play poker via an App in a real money mode.

There are a growing number of mobile poker sites now becoming available, and with many of the trusted online poker sites opening up mobile poker rooms and venues then you will be safe in the knowledge that you are playing at trusted sites and with trusted brand named companies.

You will however, need to have a Smart Phone or Tablet type device as these have easy to navigate controls which are paramount to you being able to play with relative ease, safe in the knowledge your betting decision has been placed, without you having to click on a tiny key pad!

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Posted on: 6th February 2013 by: bestpokersites.ca